Steven Bereznai is a noted author and wellness practitioner. He’s an ARCH certified hypnotherapist, and is trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) under the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He’s also completed his certifications in Fascial Stretch Therapy (through Stretch to Win), Personal Training (Canfitpro), and Pilates (Mat 1 and 2, Reformer 1 and 2, Cadillac 1 and 2).

He’s passionate about pursuing his ambitions, whether it’s fitness, writing or travel, and he’s equally invested in helping you accomplish your goals. He takes pride in all your steps forward, and knows it’s natural to falter along the way–it’s the getting back up that matters.

There will always be obstacles. There will often be fear. Frequently fear is the obstacle. Steven draws on his experience as a hypnotist and physical trainer to help you release the past and to give you the tools you need to feel confident. He’s helped his clients and he’s helped himself overcome eating issues, social anxiety, procrastination, poor sleeping patterns, depression, and sexual challenges.

Steven can teach you the skills to make achieving your goals a lot easier. This includes using hypnosis to minimize present and past emotional spikes, reframing your thoughts and coming up with a realistic plan using NLP, and literally releasing tension/anxiety from your body with assisted fascial stretching and self-stretching. As a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, he can also help clients by incorporating functional workouts where appropriate.

Steven first gained attention for his candid and creative approach to self-improvement in his book Gay and Single…Forever?: 10 Things Every Gay Guy Looking for Love (and Not Finding It) Needs to Know, which celebrates the wide variety of relationships available for bringing intimacy and happiness into a person’s life. His essays have been included in the anthologies Second Person Queer, I Like It Like That, and Best Gay Romance 2010. His work has been featured in Instinct magazine, The Globe and Mail, Out magazine, CBC TV and radio. He is a former editor-in-chief of fab magazine and FAB STYLE QUARTERLY. His articles have appeared in The Toronto Star, Instinct, VIA Destinations, MSN.ca, Now, Xtra!,  and Icon.

Always curious, Steven is constantly adding to his skill set. Once afraid of team sports he’s now an enthusiastic recreational water polo player, which both rewards and challenges him physically, emotionally, and socially. He’s also participated in a number of personal development workshops, including the Body Electric, Body Electric Easton Mountain Retreat, and a weekend intensive “Boot Camp” with The Stylelife Academy, learning to tackle social anxiety in the field from some of the top pickup/social artists in the world.

If you’re looking to stay inside your comfort zone, he’s probably not the right guy to help you help yourself. If the cost of staying put has grown too high, and you’re ready to take that step forward, then call now for a free phone consultation. Nothing to lose. So much to gain. And if you put it off for another week, month, or year, that’s more time lost that you could’ve been changing your life.

He can be reached through his email, steven.bereznai@gmail.com.

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