When strange powers emerge in a group of gay teens in the town of Nuffim, their lives are forever changed. Troy is a closeted jock who starts to sense other people’s emotions. His geeky brother, Gibbie, develops super strength. Flamboyant Chad unleashes his inner animal, while his gal pal Mandy turns invisible.

Here’s what some readers are saying about Queeroes on Amazon.com:

“I have been reading X-Men for years, and grew up on comic books and their heros. I have recenty discovered Steven Perenzai’s Queeros. No book has made me laugh out loud since David Sedaris’s Me Talk Pretty One Day. I had already read Hero and The Magicians, but absolutly LOVED Queeros. I can’t wait for the sequel! Finally we have superheros like us!”–Eslayton

“It was a great read. I always wished to have superpowers and the storyline went in a strong but much needed ending.”–Jeffrey Garvin

“Very entertaining.”–Aryael de Kapril

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