Motto of the day…

Mind of a champion, body of a champion      -Steven Bereznai (I googled this, couldn’t find it anywhere, so I’m planting my flag on this saying 🙂


So today’s cross fit mental breakthrough… when choosing a weight for my overhead presses, I was going to err on the side of light (though I’d already done a set with just the bar) and then I asked myself what might a champion do? (side note: I have historically fallen into the athletically challenged department and as a child was prone to calling it quits when physical challenges were involved. I am now taking steps to rewire my thinking). With this mind I decided to go heavier by 20lbs, realizing that if it was too much, I could just set it down.

On the “set back” end of things, my 1 1/4 split squats are very much a work in progress 🙁  (think about how satisfying it will be when I master this! So I tell myself 🙂

Crossfit Breakthrough

Am dying to eat my post-workout oatmeal (yes, my attempt to go Paleo seems to have resulted in a resurgence of my acid reflux manifesting as wickedly incapacitating stomach cramps).. the antacids and the re-introduction of oatmeal and sweet potatoes into the diet seem to be doing the trick…should be off meds soon!) so will keep this short (I hope).

One of the joys of being a hypnotherapist is getting hypnotherapy done on me. Today we did parts therapy to work through a block I’ve had for as long as I can remember where I hold back in a workout for fear of running out of gas (the good kind!), with the result that I don’t push myself to my limit. Things got interesting when the part of me that holds back explained to my hypnotherapist that It does so for “revenge.” When asked to elaborate, I felt the part turn into this chubby (and petulant!) little kid, who explained “I won’t give them the satisfaction of seeing me fail.”  When pressed further still, I realized this part of me was a dreamer, and was afraid to have Its dreams fail when put out into the real world. That insight was therapeutic in and of itself, but went further still. The “Dreamer” agreed to work with the “Accomplisher” in me. The Dreamer’s job is to dream (duh) and then to help inspire the Accomplisher part of me to go out and make things actually happen (rather than holding us all back 🙂

Courtesy Men’s Health

So flash forward a few hours later, and I’m at Crossfit, and I FINALLY (after 8 months) was able to do overhead squats with the 45lbs bar! Then I added another 20lbs to the bar! Granted this is not a lot of weight for a guy BUT it is a challenging movement that I was NOT able to do anywhere near this level until today (the most I had done in the past was with the 15lbs bar, struggling) so this is a HUGE breakthrough! I then went on to do a set of 30 then 20 then 10 with the 45lbs bar. This was unthinkable this morning. Looking forward to more fitness progress by making use of hypno to crash through my limiting beliefs and to make best use of my subconscious for learning new skills (NLP co-founder Richard Bandler has gone so far as to say that ALL learning takes place in the subconscious…I’m inclined to agree.)

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