Fatal Attraction meets The Walking Dead in bestseller’s new novel: How A Loser Like Me Survived the Zombie Apocalypse

TORONTO, Ontario, September 26, 2017—New novel by Amazon bestselling, post-apocalyptic master Steven Bereznai ruthlessly pits a below-average Joe against a zombie horde…and his ex-girlfriend from hell.

After a devastating breakup, loser Marty Melon doggedly reassembles his shattered self. Confidence-boosting Ted Talks, muscle-crushing kettlebell swings, and key episodes of The Golden Girls transform him from zero to b-list hero. This suicidal reject, turned pickup artist, turned sensitive new age guy, finally has it all: a house, the quirky woman of his dreams, and abs.

F#%k you, world, he thinks with alpha confidence.  

“Challenge accepted,” the world replies, and everything goes to zombie crap.

Will Marty make it? He’s no longer an average frustrated chump. He’s in the best mental and physical shape of his life; plus, “ninja” bro-crush and gay-best-friend Gary is at his side. But to triumph in the end-of-days, Marty must defeat his most dangerous foe of allthe woman who broke him in the first place.

“I’ve long been fascinated by pickup artist (PUA) culture and have even dabbled in it. I’ve experienced both the positives and negatives of using PUA techniques. It raises interesting questions about self-improvement, feminism and what it means to be a man. As the world devolves into survival mode, combining these themes with the zombie apocalypse became an unlikely but fascinating marriage in hell,” says Bereznai. “It’s also a cautionary tale. Be careful what you wish for.”

Bereznai is the Amazon bestselling and award finalist for the young adult dystopian novel I Want Superpowers. His books include the gay teen superhero tales Queeroes and Queeroes 2, and the dating bible Gay and Single…Forever?


How A Loser Like Me Survived the Zombie Apocalypse releases on Amazon on October 1, 2017.

The book launch takes places on October 13 (Friday the 13th), 2017, at Glad Day Bookstore, 8-10pm, 499 Church St., Toronto.

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“A refreshing, entertaining, and at times heartbreaking exploration meant for anyone who has found themselves wanting to be more than they are—and are constantly told to settle. Caitlin’s struggles to be extraordinary in a world that wants to label her as “DNA Regular” will resonate with the superhero in all of us.” 

-Nicole Demerse, Award-winning screenwriter/producer (Mohawk Girls, Degrassi: The Next Generation, 6Teen)

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