Use the mind-body AND the body-mind connection to achieve your goals!

Lose Weight – Speak with Confidence – Sleep Soundly – Improve Sexual Performance – Overcome Procrastination


Do you experience your challenge mentally, physically and emotionally?

If so, I take a unique approach that addresses all three modalities using a combination of hypnosis, stretching, and Life Coaching to address the underlying roots of the problem.

Do you want to work with someone who “gets it?”

I’ve personally overcome bad eating, social anxiety, procrastination, and sexual dysfunction using these techniques. If you’re looking to work with someone who understands, I’ve been there.

 Do you believe in a personalized approach?

If yes, that’s why I’m certified in NLP/Life Coaching, Pilates, hypnosis, Personal Training, and Fascial Stretch Therapy; to give my clients the personalized approach they need, using a range of methodologies.

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Do you feel like you’re at a crossroads?

My clients come to me because they’ve reached a threshold in their lives where their current habit, dysfunction or avoidance strategy has grown too costly. They want to step forward, but feel like something is holding them back. That’s where I come in. Unlike most wellness practitioners I use a combination of mental, physical and emotional techniques to help you accomplish your goals, because in my experience this is what gets the best results. Specifically, I utilize hypnosis, NLP, and physical modalities like stretching and functional training to help you address three key areas:

Your Thoughts

Your Emotions

The Tension in Your Body

I help you to leave behind negative thoughts linked to the past, self-soothe old emotions, and release areas of your body that have been tight for years and literally holding you back. I’ve found this three-pronged approach to be particularly helpful in helping people who have fears of public speaking, procrastinators, people who are emotional eaters and looking to lose weight, men with erectile dysfunction such as premature ejaculation and delayed and ejaculation (not caused by hormones), and those with trouble sleeping/insomnia.


Contact me now for a free phone consultation. Phone/Text: 416-712-4234. email: steven.bereznai@gmail.com. Located in downtown Toronto.

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